Election Night Party

YOU are invited!

Supporters will celebrate the end of the campaign to re-elect Amanda on November 6. Please join Amanda as we enjoy pizza and watch the results roll in!

The party will be held at p:ear, which does great work mentoring homeless youth:

Where? p:ear, 338 NW 6th Avenue
When? Tuesday, November 6th from 7pm - 9pm
Who? Everyone is welcome! Please invite your friends and family!

Follow Frequent Facebook Facts!

Please follow my activities in Portland's communities on my Facebook page. I post updates and photos there daily, and answer questions and comments, too.

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Big Fundraiser on Monday - YOU are invited!

Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Kent Craford, Andrew Frazier and others cordially invite you to a fundraiser on

Monday, October 22 from 5 - 8 p.m.,
at Frazier and Hunnicutt.
1001 SW 5th Ave. (Congress Center), Suite 1450.

Multnomah County Board Chair Jeff Cogen, Commissioner Loretta Smith, and Sheriff Dan Staton also plan to attend. Commissioner Nick Fish may stop by, but if he does either Dan or I would have to step out to avoid forming a quorum of the City Council.

Please bring your friends and your checkbooks. Every dollar raised will boost our outreach to voters in the last two weeks of the campaign. Remember, no corporate or Political Action Committee donations - individuals only. If you've already given my limit of $250 since the primary, you are still welcome to attend. Bring along someone who hasn't!

City Club speeches, 10/19/12

Opening, three minutes:

Thank you, City Club, and every Portlander following this race. This is an historic election. For the first time ever, two progressive pro-choice women are competing in November for election to the Portland City Council. I ask voters to re-elect Amanda Fritz, so I can keep pushing on issues you care about. Basic services including public safety, paved streets and sidewalks, lower water rates and improved customer service. Spending taxpayers money wisely. Collaborating in City Hall, with other government partners, and with the people of Portland.

When I spoke here in the primary, I covered some of my achievements in the first three years of my first term. Today, I will focus on accomplishments since May, and my specific plans for Portland for the next four years.

Six months ago, there were questions about what the Office of Equity will accomplish. Today, the Office of Equity and Human Rights is already so successful, both Mayoral candidates have said it is so important they will keep it in their portfolio. It is focused on making sure everyone has opportunities for City jobs, contracts, and services. The Work Plan was accepted unanimously, with quarterly benchmarks to make sure progress is measurable and achieved. The Office of Equity and Human Rights has flourished because it has two champions on the Council, and the buy-in of the other Commissioners. I will continue to guide the equity work, in partnership with the new Mayor. We must continue to succeed in this crucial initiative.

Since the primary, the Portland Police union withdrew their grievances regarding the new 9-1-1 computer. It is working well, and providing front line providers, management and elected leaders with accurate information leading to accountability and better provision of services.

Our Cable Ad

I am proud to own and provide transparency and accountability for all ads put out by our campaign. Our new TV ad is posted here. You can be sure that all actions by my campaign and me will be positive and worthy of uplifting discourse for Portlanders.

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I have switched to posting almost-daily updates on Facebook, reserving this blog only for more extensive commentary. As you can see, I rarely have time for those longer articles. Please follow my activities in Portland's communities on my Facebook page. You don't have to subscribe to Facebook to view that page. I resisted joining Facebook for a long time, but now I very much enjoy connecting with folks through that medium. Please "like" my page if you are a Facebook member, and invite all your friends to follow it, too.

Oregonian Letter to the Editor

Published after May 15 .... still very pertinent. Thank you, Michelle.

"I have never made a political campaign contribution in my life until this year, and neither had my husband. Neither of us live within city limits, so we can't even vote for city commissioners.

But my work in mental health advocacy has shown me firsthand what an advocate city Commissioner Amanda Fritz is for the poor, for those living with mental illness and for the average person. Her impact goes far beyond the city limits and dates back to long before she held elected office.

Mary Nolan's comment that "I do think it reflects that she doesn't have a very broad base of support if she has to go to her own checkbook time and time again" is completely disingenuous. To me, it speaks volumes that Fritz only accepts donations up to $50 per person.

I urge Portlanders to retain Fritz, along with her humanity, compassion and leadership, in November. "

Michelle Madison

Thank You message to Newsletter subscribers, 5/17/12

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Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for your support and participation in the primary campaign! I am very grateful for your encouragement and assistance.

I am currently leading Mary Nolan by about 1,300 votes in the primary, with a few left to count. Although my tally of 51,583 votes In Multnomah County puts my total at 45.39% -- less than the 50% + 1 needed to win outright -- I am very happy to have won the primary. Thank you! Mary spent over $100,000 more than me, most of it donated in large amounts from special interests, with much spent on untrue negative ads. I am proud of my positive, issue-oriented, fact-based campaign talking about what Portlanders and I have done together over the past three years, and what I will do if elected to a second term.

Special thanks to Fred and Ann Sanchez of Realty Brokers in East Portland, who donated office space for phone banking in the last crucial week of the primary. And also major thanks to Ellen, Sunshine, Terri and Joan, my wonderful campaign staff, amazing intern Laura Simmons, and dozens of awesome volunteers, for all your hard work, dedication, and successes. See my Election Night speech here.

Please keep wearing your button all summer! But put your yard sign inside for now. They fade, and they're annoying to mow or weed around. I will remind you when it's time to put it out again in the fall. Thank you to all yard sign hosts -- the visibility made a difference.

Speech at Ecotrust, May 15, 2012

Many thanks to everyone who came to our Primary Election party on May 15. Several folks asked me to post the John Wooden quotes from my speech, so here it is;

Thank you to:

Letter to the Editor, sent to the Oregonian 5/10/12

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, a longtime NARAL foundation board member, a previous Planned Parenthood clinician, and devoted public health advocate, I strongly endorse Amanda Fritz for re-election to the Portland City Council. Amanda is a steadfast supporter of every woman's right to make her own reproductive health care choices. She has participated and contributed in multiple NARAL and Planned Parenthood events. As City Commissioner she has worked to promote wellness in city employees and helped keep taxpayer-funded costs down while improving benefits for staff.

Amanda's continued leadership on the Council - working with the police, 9-1-1 Emergency Management System, and County mental health specialists - is essential to provide better services and protections for people experiencing mental illnesses, especially as it relates to conflicts with the police. As a retired Registered Nurse and mother of three, Amanda Fritz is uniquely qualified to continue her important work on the Portland City Council.

I trust Amanda, and I appreciate her positive campaign. Please send in your ballot by May 15, and join me in voting for Amanda Fritz for City Commissioner.


Shelda R. Holmes, FNP

Owner, Hands On Medicine

N/NE Portland


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