Third TV Ad

Our third and last TV ad is posted here. It highlights my endorsements from many key local leaders. People who work with me want to continue our collaborative, constructive relationships.

My social studies teacher son, Luke, says the ballot bubble is not sufficiently filled out in the ad, leaving white space at the edge of the bubble. I'm confident the voter finished inking it in before mailing. Please be sure to use blue or black ink, fill in the whole bubble, and get your ballot into the County system by 8 p.m. on Tuesday May 15. That means mail to go out on Saturday, or hand deliver to a Multnomah County library or official ballot drop box on Monday or Tuesday. Let's make sure every Amanda vote counts.

My TV ads

See the two TV ad spots on You Tube:

"It's Your Money", starring Jamie Dunn of the Gilt Club; Harold Williams - PCC Board member; Mike Verbout, former Portland Public Schools Principal; Gretchen Kafoury, former City Commissioner; Terri Preeg Riggsby, Amanda Pillsbury, and Sunshine Dixon, concerned advocates for children; and Brian and Ryan, members of the Carpenters' Union.

"Special Interest Campaign Money and Your Priorities". featuring Colonel Edward Fritz, St Johns Bookseller owner and parent Nena Rawdah, Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith, and PSU student Roberto Gongora.

KATU "Your Voice, Your Vote"

A summary and the entire tape of my appearance on Steve Dunn's KATU show is here. Since 2008, my mantra has been "Your Voice in City Hall", so I was particularly happy to participate in this show. Host Steve and production manager Evon were very gracious and helped me feel less nervous. It's only the future of Portland on the line, after all.

Yard and/or Window signs, and other ways to help

My team accomplished the goal of finding hosts for all our yard signs by the day the ballots arrived. Thank you, everyone who has one in your yard or business, and everyone who helped distribute.

For those who didn't ask quickly enough, I'm attaching the .jpg file in case you want to print off a copy to put in your window.

Addendum April 28: I found a box of 2008 yard signs in my garage! With a little masking tape and "Re-Elect" added in marker pen, they look almost as good as the current version. So ask and ye shall receive, if you want a yard sign and are willing to go with "vintage".

We still have buttons, so please contact Ellen or Sunshine if you'd like to get one of those while sign-waving or going door-to-door. And please call through your phone directory to ask all your friends to vote for me. Personal contacts can make the difference now that the ballots are being delivered, filled out, and sent in.

The 9-1-1 Computer - on time, on budget, and it works

The report by Cit Com Inc.(PDF), a consulting firm hired by the City to evaluate the 911 Computer Assisted Dispatch system installed in April 2011, provides an independent assessment of the project. Please go directly to the report and see first-hand what it has to say. It is a report to Commissioner Leonard and the Public Safety System Revitalization Project (PSSRP) Steering Committee, rather than a summary requested by the Bureau of Emergency Communications and/or me. The consultant's independent Quality Assurance - Executive Summary - of the new Computer Aided Dispatch system at the 9-1-1 center states:

"Was CAD Next a Success? Yes. The City’s Versadex CAD implementation was on time, within budget, and fulfilled the stated business and technical requirements."

As with any new computer system, it took time to iron out initial glitches and train users on the new equipment. The new CAD replaced an out-of-date computer that died forever two months after the switch. The limitations of the old system were putting public safety at risk. I worked with agencies in Multnomah County, Portland Police and Fire, and the public to make adjustments, and now the improved system works better than ever.

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton would not have endorsed me if the new 9-1-1 computer put public safety at risk. I am particularly grateful to my wonderful AFSCME staff and management in the Bureau of Emergency Communications, and to officers and leaders in Portland Fire & Rescue and the Portland Police Bureau, as well as to leaders and front line providers throughout Multnomah County, for working through the challenges and succeeding in this crucial project with me.

Lyrics for Storm Large singing, "Amanda"

Our Talent Show performance for Candidates Gone Wild on April 17 was successful beyond my wildest dreams. The incomparable Storm Large made it work SO well. Imagine that, super-nerd sings with super-star!. See the video here. Storm and I adapted the ABBA song, "Fernando", with these lyrics (not all of which were actually sung at the event):

Storm: Can you hear the crowd, Amanda? I remember long ago another silly night like this…

Amanda: In the center light, my friend Storm, singing songs of World War One amidst the evening's stupid skits. How I love this crazy town and all the folks who came to smile for me tonight!

Storm: We know you do, Amanda, every hour every minute working for the good of all.

Amanda: As a City Council member, it's not so much a job but more a passion for my home. And I'm not ashamed to sing this song and ask you for your vote on May 15.

BOTH: There is something in the air tonight, the stars are bright, Amanda .
They are shining there for you and me and this City, Amanda.

Storm: Though I'm pretty sure that you can't lose, my vote you'll get.

BOTH: If I get to do the same again, I'll be your friend, Amanda.
Yes If I get to do the same again, I'll be your friend, Amanda.

Both slowly, If we get to do the same again, I'll be your friend, Amanda.

Reminder - see Facebook for daily updates

When I ran in 2008, I had been writing the blog for several years, so I posted daily updates on the blog of my campaign site. Now, I'm finding posting on Facebook much easier to manage, with the added benefit of over 126,000 Friends of Fans potentially getting information about my daily doings. You don't have to be a Facebook member to see my posts on my Facebook page. Joining Facebook is free and easy, though, and much less scary than I had thought. Many thanks to son Luke who is helping me learn to use it, and to everyone who encouraged me to do so. I admit, you were right.

But I'm still not going to become a Twitter user. So follow me on Facebook, please. This blog will be used for longer posts, as needed.

City Club speeches, 3/30/12

The following are my Opening and Closing three-minute speeches given at the City Club today. Thank you to everyone who came and smiled at me, and those who sent good wishes my way from elsewhere.


It is an honor to be invited here to talk about Portland, what I’ve accomplished in my first three years serving on the City Council, and what I will do if re-elected. I was born and raised in England, but I came to Portland as fast as I could. My husband and I relocated here in 1986, after a nationwide search to find the best place to live and raise a family. I was an OHSU nurse for 22 years, working in inpatient psychiatry. Ten years ago, I became a union leader during the nurses 56-day strike, winning living wages for nurses and protecting patient safety. I understand the needs of hardworking Portlanders. I pay attention to details about City projects and spending, to make sure taxpayers money is spent wisely. Careful use of resources often results in better services for citizens. I am working with the police, 9-1-1 and County mental health care specialists to provide better services for people experiencing mental illnesses, avoiding conflicts with police. This crucial project has made some improvements in the system, but it is not finished. I am uniquely qualified to continue to guide this work.

My three children each received excellent education in Portland's Public Schools. Despite cutting the City’s budget during the recession these past three years, I have supported targeted school funding which improved graduation rates, and allocated General Fund resources for community college scholarships and summer internships. I will continue to prioritize assistance to public schools, to prepare our children for jobs and to provide employers with a well-educated workforce. I am the Gateway Area Business Association’s Citizen of the Year, chosen by the superintendents of the Parkrose, David Douglas, and Portland Adventist schools.

Forum events on TV and radio - schedule

The League of Women Voters forum on Thursday 3/19 wil be broadcast:

Thursday 4/5 @ 12:30pm, Channel 30
Friday 4/6 @ 2:30pm, Channel 30
Monday 4/9 @ 10pm, Channel 30
Friday 4/13 @ 9:30pm, Channel 30
Monday 4/16 @ 1:30pm, Channel 30

The City Club of Portland debate from 3/30:

Audio on their website -

Broadcast times - information below is from the City Club website -

Radio: Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)
KOPB, Portland (91.5 FM)
Delayed broadcast, Fridays, 7:00 PM

KBPS, Portland (1450 AM)
Benson Polytechnic High School
Saturdays, 9:00 AM

Cable Television, Portland Community Media, Channels 30 & 11
Channel 30
Fridays, 8:00 PM
Sundays, 4:30 PM

Channel 11
Delayed broadcast following Friday, 12:15 PM

Washington and Clackamas counties only receive the Channel 11 broadcast.

ION Media of Portland-KPXG Channel 22
Thursdays, 6:00 AM

Poll Memo

I sent a Press Release out on Tuesday, with the Poll Memo written by Amy Simon, our wonderful polling expert with Goodwin Simon Research. Amy worked with me on my 2008 campaign. She's brilliant. In 2008, our polls before both the May and November elections showed under-reporting of support relative to the outcome on Election Day, rather than overly optimistic predictions. There are still many, many undecided voters, and everyone supporting my re-election needs to work flat-out from now to May 15 to make sure my supporters return their ballots. But still, I feel very encouraged.


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