Update for week ending April 8

The big, wonderful news this past week was my endorsement by the Oregonian, here. I am delighted not only with the Editorial Board's support, but also with the content of the endorsement editorial. Please read it for yourself, and if you like, comment below on the piece(s) you agree with most.

An article at OPB, adds some clarification from the City Club debate, in which I was accused of wasting nine months of funding for the Office of Equity. Of course I haven't wasted taxpayers' money. I haven't spent money before being sure what results will be achieved. Almost all the new money allocated for fiscal year 2011-12 goes back into the General Fund at the end of June, because it hasn't been spent. I don't invest money on issues without a careful plan with measurable outcome expectations. Office of Equity Director Dante James has been in office for three weeks. We are both careful about spending taxpayers money wisely, on funding projects and programs that produce results. We will establish a work plan for the Office of Equity within three months, with specific outcomes expected by the end of the calendar year.

Bike Walk Vote has endorsed my opponent for my position on City Council. Apparently "bike" wins out over "walk". I am and will continue to be the Council's strongest pedestrian and transit advocate, and also the Council's most outspoken challenger on bike projects that aren't priorities, such as the downtown bike rental program. I advocated for funding crucial bike safety projects instead, with the $2 million in federal funding being passed through Metro now allocated to the Bike rental pilot.

The "vote" that matters is in five weeks. Please help me win re-election that evening, so I can continue speaking out and acting on behalf of all Portlanders -- no matter how you get around Portland. Call Sunshine at 503-875-3202 to find out how you can help.


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