Mid-April Update

My office released a report by Cit Com Inc.(PDF), a consulting firm hired by the City to evaluate the new 911 Computer Assisted Dispatch system. I recommend that you go directly to the report and see first-hand what it has to say. It is a report to Commissioner Leonard and the Public Safety System Revitalization Project (PSSRP) Steering Committee, rather than a summary requested by the Bureau of Emergency Communications and/or me. In the consultant's independent Quality Assurance - Executive Summary - of the new Computer Aided Dispatch system at the 9-1-1 center, instituted April 2011:

"Was CAD Next a Success? Yes. The City’s Versadex CAD implementation was on time, within budget, and fulfilled the stated business and technical requirements."

On Council Agenda items, the City Council voted 3-1 (Dan Saltzman was the No vote and Sam Adams was absent) to establish a contract with private parties to market the Portland Loo, the City's freestanding public toilet prototype. We made a profit with the one we sold to Victoria, BC. The contract for marketing is without compensation up front, rather it's based on commission on sales completed. General Fund money was used for development of the Loo, since the City needed a safer, more cost-effective way to provide bathroom services in streets and parks.

See the Loo stories at KOIN, KATU and Earthtechling(PDF), among others. Plus, see more links at the Loo's own page.

Budget worksessions continued in the first half of April. I am urging the Council not to pursue monthly billing at the Water Bureau at this time, since doing so would increase rates by 2%. In the Police bureau presentation, the Oregonian reports, Dan Saltzman and I challenged cuts to the family services division because it investigates domestic violence, as well as child and elder abuse.

Among the many highlights of being on City Council is meeting people who will make, or have made, a big difference in the world, from people like the Multnomah Youth Commission to Nobel Peace Prize winners, as I was privileged to do at the Wholisitic Peace Institute's Nobel Peace laureate fund raising dinner. Former South African president F.W. de Klerk, who worked with Nelson Mandela to end apartheid and bring majority rule to his country was the keynote speaker.

Last weekend, Oregonian columnist Steve Duin discussed West Hayden Island, saying it was "held hostage" by the Port of Portland's proposed development zone. Duin says that the Port "plans to park a new marine terminal at the west end of an island" with global benefits, but local costs. One of those seeing the costs is the Audubon Society of Portland's conservation director, Bob Sallinger. Duin says Bob, "points to the eagle, the osprey, the salmon and the foolishness of building 'expensive, publicly subsidized facilities that will sit half empty and hemorrhage red ink.'"

I believe we must look regionally at this challenge, considering potential partnerships and/or division of work between the Port of Vancouver and the Port of Portland. We also have to look at the cost-benefits locally." The report authors, ECONorthwest, when considering wildlife and environmental concerns, point to 750 vacant acres in Vancouver that could be "a logical place to site new marine terminals." I was a little disconcerted after the article was printed, when a constituent called my office asking why I am supporting development on West Hayden Island. I thought Steve Duin's article stated clearly that I am still assessing the pros and cons, and whether expanding the Port of Vancouver might make more sense for the regional economy. But don't take my word for it, here's what Pam Ferguson, Hayden Island neighborhood leader, says in supporting me:

Thank goodness for Amanda Fritz! A sane voice at City Council who is watching out for the Hayden Island community and advocating for consideration of expansion of the Port Of Vancouver instead of the development of West Hayden Island. Amanda has been a staunch supporter of our island community, environment, and livability!

Pam Ferguson, Resident, Hayden Island Manufactured Home Community

Did you see my first campaign TV ad?

And the video of my duet with Storm Large at Candidates Gone Wild? I actually had fun this time, thanks to Storm and amazing guitarist Scott Weddle.

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