End of April News Update

From The Skanner came a report that Portland Public Schools intends "to close the Harriet Tubman Young Women’s Leadership Academy despite impassioned pleas from the school’s community and local elected leaders."

I am one of those "elected leaders," along with State Senator Chip Shields and State Representative Lew Frederick. We offered help with fundraising, as well as PR and marketing to prevent Tubman from being closed. I felt this was especially urgent because Tubman is an all-girls school with a focus on math and science, something I relate to as a nurse. Some Tubman students were at a reception for my new Office of Equity and Human Rights Director, Dante James, earlier this month. One of them, Ansallah Pulla said, "In the beginning I never thought about going into engineering, but then after going to the school and taking some engineering classes I found out that I really like engineering and I want to be an engineer.” She will be going to PSU with a scholarship this fall.

Alas, our advocacy went unheeded, and the Portland Public Schools District 1J Board voted to close the Young Women's Leadership Acadamy at Tubman..

On a more up note (depending on how you feel about my singing), I participated in Candidates Gone Wild, where I joined the amazing Storm Large and primo guitarist Scott Weddle in a duet. A lifetime thrill, singing with Storm and Scott.

Another up note, as reported in the Portland Business Journal is the 3-0 vote (by Sam, Randy and me) to follow neighbors' priorities when instituting street improvements in East Portland. There will be sidewalks and more bike routes, as well as paved and upgraded roads. This is something neighborhood residents beyond East 82nd Avenue have been wanting for years. With federal money, the $20 million budget will be within reach.

Last week, I was happy to put out my first campaign ad, which can be seen here. It ran in prime time during the first round of the NFL draft - yay! And the second one is now playing, here. Note that all the co-stars in both of my ads are real supporters in their community roles, not actors.

Also on TV, this interview for Your Voice, Your Vote on KATU. Please comment on line if you wish.


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