News beginning of May

May started with the Oregonian Editorial Board calling out my opponent on questionable advertising claims, saying her "ad is quite misleading." And noting that I am "a principled commissioner and a consistent watchdog of taxpayer resources."

I am proud to stand on my record.

The Willamette Week quoted my campaign consultant Hiram Sachs making clear why I have been contributing to my own re-election: "Since Amanda limits her contributions to $50 and doesn't take special interest money, she's always planned to use her savings during the campaign." It's a different (and personally costly) way to fund a political campaign, but I want people to know if I'm re-elected that my first commitment is to the voters and citizens of Portland, not special interests and people who have financial interests in City Council transactions.

This means that I'm counting on my supporters to give as much as you can up to that $50 limit, which you can deduct from your state taxes. Please visit my Supporters page now, and donate $5 to $50 if you haven't already this calendar year. We are getting close to receiving donations from 1,000 people, which was one of my goals for this primary. Please help lift our donor list over the top!

May 1 was also the first day of The Great Cafeteria Takeover, a campaign to install salad bars and drinking fountains in schools across the country. I enjoyed being at James John Elementary in St. John's for the event, along with a couple hundred third, fourth and fifth-graders. I was amazed how well-behaved they were. And delighted with the young girl who squealed in delight when my name was announced at the assembly. Being a role model to young girls is one of the key reasons I chose to run for re-election. I want young women to know they can pursue careers (even "traditional" female careers like nursing) and then be valued leaders in politics and/or other spheres.

If you have HBO, you can see Weight of the Nation, a four-part series starting Monday, May 14th at 8 p.m. Also, click though to the Oregonian article for more important information about eating and obesity.

PolitiFact analyzed a claim by my opponent that they found Half True. I originally listed NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon as an endorser when they had "green-lighted" me, meaning they determined that I supported their issues. I corrected that, and I hope you'll read the article to get a complete sense of the issue. To be totally clear: I have been pro-choice all my life. I support NARAL and Planned Parenthood with my personal donations as well as by attending as many of their events as I can, in my role of City Commissioner. I received the Green Light of NARAL ProChoice Oregon ProChoice Action Team. I received NARAL's Green Light in 2008, also. It is not possible for anyone to be MORE supportive of every woman's right to choose her own health care options -- I am 100% supportive of that principle.

During a joint interview with my well-funded opponent, Willamette Week asked me how I differed from her. I mentioned that I limit my fund raising to individuals -- not organizations-- and to a $50 per person donation amount. I do this so that there could never be even a suspicion that my votes are based on anything but my best judgment. My opponent felt that this meant I was insinuating something about her. See for yourself.

Unmitigated positive news: the Portland Mercury endorsed me! Thank you, Portland Mercury!

The Mercury also invalidated a charge by my "Ms. Negative Ads" opponent that I "improperly shaped the final draft of a report that wound up grading, somewhat positively, the rollout of Portland's new 911 dispatch system." Not so.

I made time to attend the Power Past Coal rally, featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Pioneer Courthouse Square last Monday. The concerns RFK expressed were two-fold: pollution from coal dust along the train routes to Oregon ports, and the overall pollution/community degradation from mining and/or burning coal. Bobby also said, "Coal will undermine everything that you love. I've seen what it's done to small Appalachian towns. It's ruined democracy, corrupted politicians and literally drove people out of town. Do not let it corrupt this community. You are at the front lines of this battle."

Governor John Kitzhaber made a request for an environmental impact review of coal ports. I talked with Mayor Adams about this issue after the rally, and I believe the City of Portland will oppose coal exports transported through our region.

Two polls have shown my race essentially even. A KATU poll shows Mary ahead by 3%, with 21% undecided.

On the other hand, an Oregonian/KGW poll shows me up by 5%, with 28% undecided.

That means two things to me: one, the race is yours and mine to win or lose, and two, talk to your friends and spread the word about the good things you've seen from me in my time in office.

I'm looking forward to the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization's open house this Friday. I'll tell you all about it in my final post for the campaign.

Please help out however you can with the campaign these last few days. Email and/or call your friends independently, or contact Ellen or Sunshine to find out how you can join with others to Get Out The Vote. We have some fun, non-stressful ways you can help that will make a huge difference. I want our News Update on May 16 to be titled... "We Won!"


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