Primary election is over on Tuesday!

The Portland City Council last week considered supporting the Responsible Banking ordinance, which directs staff to look into allocating City money to local banks and credit unions, keeping taxpayers' money in our community. I support this initiative.

The Council heard testimony on a proposed new Urban Renewal Area. While I strongly support Portland State University, I can't agree to allocate City resources to new buildings for PSU when we have so many urgent infrastructure needs in neighborhoods outside of downtown. Plus, I don't see the wisdom of investing in capitol improvements for PSU when we can't pay faculty, or provide student loans, at adequate levels.

I attended a rally against coal exports traveling through our region, at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made another inspirational speech, similar in tone and passion to the one he delivered at the River Rally convention the weekend before, which I also attended. RFK said, "Portland is the best city in the country". I agree.

Commissioner Saltzman and I participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Asian Family Center on NE Sandy/81st. I hope I get to continue supporting multicultural actions in Portland.

The election deadline is Tuesday. So, if you haven't mailed in your ballot, please take it to an Oregon public drop box. Remember that all the Multnomah County Public Libraries are authorized sites, as well as many other places around the county and the city. Postmarks don't count - your ballot must be received in a County elections box by 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Oregonian reminded you of the strong endorsement I received from their Editorial Board, reiterated last Thursday and over the final weekend of the primary: "Fritz, who ran as a neighborhood activist, is a trustworthy voice on the City Council and a consistent voice for fiscal prudence and common sense. She is also more of a representative than a politician, which is intended as a compliment. It shows in her independence on issues and her responsiveness to constituents. Voters looking for someone who listens, and who is more beholden to the public in general than to specific interest groups, should re-elect Fritz."

I am counting on you, my neighbors, my fellow Portlanders, my friends and constituents, to re-elect me to another term on the City Council. I will continue to be Your Voice in City Hall, if you choose to re-elect this Registered Nurse, public schools Mom, and progressive community activist to the Portland City Council. Please get your ballot into the County system by Tuesday at 8 p.m. Then join me at Ecotrust, 729 NW 9th, from 7 - 9 to celebrate all our hard work and view the inital returns.


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