Thank You message to Newsletter subscribers, 5/17/12

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Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for your support and participation in the primary campaign! I am very grateful for your encouragement and assistance.

I am currently leading Mary Nolan by about 1,300 votes in the primary, with a few left to count. Although my tally of 51,583 votes In Multnomah County puts my total at 45.39% -- less than the 50% + 1 needed to win outright -- I am very happy to have won the primary. Thank you! Mary spent over $100,000 more than me, most of it donated in large amounts from special interests, with much spent on untrue negative ads. I am proud of my positive, issue-oriented, fact-based campaign talking about what Portlanders and I have done together over the past three years, and what I will do if elected to a second term.

Special thanks to Fred and Ann Sanchez of Realty Brokers in East Portland, who donated office space for phone banking in the last crucial week of the primary. And also major thanks to Ellen, Sunshine, Terri and Joan, my wonderful campaign staff, amazing intern Laura Simmons, and dozens of awesome volunteers, for all your hard work, dedication, and successes. See my Election Night speech here.

Please keep wearing your button all summer! But put your yard sign inside for now. They fade, and they're annoying to mow or weed around. I will remind you when it's time to put it out again in the fall. Thank you to all yard sign hosts -- the visibility made a difference.

It was SO satisfying to dive back into the looong City Council meeting on Wednesday! I love my job serving the people of Portland! Council worked from 9:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. with just a few 5 - 10 minute breaks, but I felt invigorated by being able to focus on real City issues again. I took the lead on challenging Water Bureau rate hikes, and I voted against the Education Urban Renewal District established to earmark money for Portland State University and sundry other projects downtown. I voted for the Responsible Banking revisions, and commented on the need for ongoing improvements to address social values in the City's Investment Policy. Over the next two weeks, I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues on the Council to refine the Mayor's Proposed Budget for the upcoming fiscal year, to be finalized over the next two weeks. Collaboration is the key to success on the Portland City Council. Conflict and adversarial combat among Council members doesn't work out well for Portlanders.

Priority items on my summer To Do list include:

* Improving emergency services for people experiencing mental illnesses, reducing dispatching of police officers to behavioral crisis situations, and providing police officers more background information when they respond to potentially violent situations;

* Continuing to coordinate early actions on the Superfund cleanup, and expanding public involvement on the choices to be made on strategies and potential funding costs;

* Moving forward with the 3-1-1 system, the all-purpose non-emergency phone information and services help-line that will partner the Bureau of Emergency Communications and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement's Information and Referral service;

* Graffiti cleanups and Parades! Join me in neighborhood volunteer events most weekends over the summer. Call Milena at 503-823-4124 to find out dates/times/locations, happening most Saturdays over the summer. Yes, these are grassroots efforts most of which will likely never receive any press attention or kudos. I didn't run for City Council in order to have Portlanders give me accolades that I'm an awesome leader who gets results. I ran and I serve to improve Portlanders' trust in government, and to be Your Voice (of common sense) in City Hall. Join me!

* And yes, in between all this work for Portland's taxpayers, I will continue to campaign in neighborhoods all over Portland. Please keep following my Facebook page,, where I will post frequent updates. And email Milena if you would like to introduce me to your neighbors or hold a house party over the summer. I will keep working hard so that with your ongoing assistance, we will win on November 6!

Thank you for all your help and encouragement,


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