End of May Update

The final count on the primary election isn't yet available, however current tallies report that I received over 54,000 votes, and over 45% of all votes. My opponent in the General received over 52,000 votes, or about 44% of the votes. Please work with me before November, and help me gain another term as Your Voice in City Hall. Thanks to everyone who supported me!

As The Skanner noted, the primary had "historic low turnout". How the City is governed is important to all its residents, and I urge everyone to take part in the runoff for my seat (vote Amanda, please!) and the Mayoral position. Please sign up to help over the summer, on my Volunteer page.

One highlight of the primary was the overwhelming support for the Multnomah County Library Bond Levy: almost 84% of voters said Yes! Portland reads! Another was that David Douglas High School’s bond measure passed by an almost two to one margin. Congratulations to Annette Mattson on the DD School Board and Anne Downing, teacher at DDHS, both staunch Amanda supporters.

I also congratulate Steve Novick for his victory for Position 4 on City Council. I look forward to working with him after you all return me to office in November. Portland needs a majority on the Council committed to collaborative relationships with good communications between the five on the Council. I have proven I work well with people inside and outside City Hall, while pushing for greater transparency and accountability.

In post-primary news, the City has sued the OLCC. I am leading this challenge. I am concerned that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has made an arbitratry ruling regarding outdoor sales and consumption without food-cart-specific rules to protect neighborhoods. Portland residents and businesses should be able to help set the rules. As KATU quotes me saying in their article, "We think there should be a public process for everybody to be able to weigh in on what are the rules that would say when outdoor sales of alcohol would be a good thing for a neighborhood." I want no more approvals for permanent outdoor licenses until there is a clear policy set in place from OLCC.

The City voted--over my lone dissent--to create a new Urban Renewal Area around Portland State University. I disagreed for two reasons. First, the University District is not blighted. It does not need scarce, precious tax dollars.

Second, because PSU is part of the higher education system of Oregon. It is the state's responsibility to help PSU expand. See my comments on my City site here.

As The League of Women Voters testified in a letter to the Council dated April 30, 2012, "$180 million in property taxes were diverted from city, county and school services in 2011 alone." I urge you to read their letter.

The death of 28-year-old bicyclist, Kathryn Rickson brought me out near City Hall at an event for her memorial.

I was the single dissenter last week's vote on raised garbage and sewer rates. I believe the rates should be lower. I will continue to work on this crucial issue that affects every Portlander.


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