Oregonian Letter to the Editor

Published after May 15 .... still very pertinent. Thank you, Michelle.

"I have never made a political campaign contribution in my life until this year, and neither had my husband. Neither of us live within city limits, so we can't even vote for city commissioners.

But my work in mental health advocacy has shown me firsthand what an advocate city Commissioner Amanda Fritz is for the poor, for those living with mental illness and for the average person. Her impact goes far beyond the city limits and dates back to long before she held elected office.

Mary Nolan's comment that "I do think it reflects that she doesn't have a very broad base of support if she has to go to her own checkbook time and time again" is completely disingenuous. To me, it speaks volumes that Fritz only accepts donations up to $50 per person.

I urge Portlanders to retain Fritz, along with her humanity, compassion and leadership, in November. "

Michelle Madison

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