End of Summer Update

Wow! My supporters and I were so busy in the community for the last two months, they've flown by. I hope you had a good summer, too. It's glorious that our good weather continues into September. I am fired up and ready to work non-stop through November 6, so we are cheering when the results are announced. Will you do your part too, please?

Please see my Facebook page for frequent updates on events and happenings. You don't have to "be on Facebook" to view the page. If you are a Facebook member, please "Like" my page, and post whenever you want to.

While many of my supporters already know this, my News drafter, Bill, feels it merits mention at the top of the News that I have raised the limits on campaign contributions from $50 to $250 per person. I need to raise five times more money in the runoff as I did in the primary, to be able to fund a robust grassroots outreach progam this month, and a winning media campaign in October and November. Fundraising has been going very well, and so has friend-raising. Please visit the Contribute page if you haven't already donated, and the Volunteer page to sign up for knocking on doors, making phone calls, or holding a house party. We now have less than two months for the final push to win on November 6.

I am accepting donations only from individual, living, breathing, adult human beings -- no cash from corporations, political action committees, labor unions, or any entity that is not an adult person. I feel beholden to all the people of Portland, and to principled people everywhere who believe in good governance free from special interest influence. I have been delighted with the enthusiastic response from people who value my service to the city and my constituents. Bill wrote this in an email: "It is a delight to call people for you because people I speak with are so pleased to be able to help you, to give you as much money as they can afford, to do what they can to have you re-elected. Go us!"

Now that you know about the new and (relatively) huge limits, please give what you can. This web site is now set up to receive monthly donations, thanks to amazing fairy webmother Lynn Siprelle. This means you can do what Bill did: contribute $10 per month for the remaining months of the campaign. Give as much as $250 or as little as $5 dollars, to keep "your voice in City Hall" working for you.

On July 19, the 2012-13 Work Plan for the Office of Equity and Human Rights was unanimously accepted by Council. The Equity Office is set up to address jobs, contracts, and services in the City government, revising processes so that everyone has access to these benefits. Read the Work Plan (PDF) on the City of Portland site.

Another move for a better Portland and a cleaner Northwest region is a Resolution opposing coal trains traveling through Portland that I am sponsoring. It is planned for a September 19th at 2 p.m. Time Certain City Council meeting in City Hall. I am working on this Resolution with the Friends of the Columbia River Gorge, the Sierra Club, and many concerned Neighorhood Associations. We are also seeing action from Senator Jeff Merkley and Governor John Kitzhaber. This is an important public health issue.

Back in July, I participated in negotiations that resulted in ending Cameron Whitten's hunger strike. Through discussions mediated by Reverend Kate Lore of the First Unitarian Church of Portland, Cameron, Amy Ruiz in the Mayor's office, and me, an agreement was reached with Cameron . I am very happy with this outcome. I was impressed with the insightful article written by Alex Blum in the Portland Tribune, linked above, and I encourage you to read it if you didn't at the time. As a result, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and the City of Portland will convene a Regional Housing Summit in November, to discuss housing in the broader context of state and federal services and funding.

The first debate of the General Election was held in August. My opponent and I spoke with the Columbia Corridor Association, a business group. We were asked what our ideal bureaus would be. In addition to my current portfolio -- the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, the Bureau of Emergency Communications, the Office of Healthy Working Rivers, and the Office of Equity and Human Rights -- I want to manage the Water Bureau, to continue to find ways to reduce rates. In my comments to CCA, I ended by reinforcing my primary mission. From the newspaper article: "You don't have to wonder what I'll do if elected again," she said. "I'll keep doing what I've been doing. I'll continue to spend taxpayers' money as wisely as possible."

Now that Portlanders are turning attention to political campaigns, Bill and I will resume posting these updates more often. Still, check Facebook to get almost-daily updates, and email Laura to be added to our weekly e-newsletter list. And please come into the office at SE 49th and Hawthorne to help!


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