Big Fundraiser on Monday - YOU are invited!

Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Kent Craford, Andrew Frazier and others cordially invite you to a fundraiser on

Monday, October 22 from 5 - 8 p.m.,
at Frazier and Hunnicutt.
1001 SW 5th Ave. (Congress Center), Suite 1450.

Multnomah County Board Chair Jeff Cogen, Commissioner Loretta Smith, and Sheriff Dan Staton also plan to attend. Commissioner Nick Fish may stop by, but if he does either Dan or I would have to step out to avoid forming a quorum of the City Council.

Please bring your friends and your checkbooks. Every dollar raised will boost our outreach to voters in the last two weeks of the campaign. Remember, no corporate or Political Action Committee donations - individuals only. If you've already given my limit of $250 since the primary, you are still welcome to attend. Bring along someone who hasn't!

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