October News

I am the only candidate running for Portland City Council who is also working full time -- and I'm working full time as a member of the Portland City Council. I work extra to campaign, not instead of performing the job taxpayers are paying me to do. Some of the projects I've been working on for you:

Southeast Precint re-opens at East Burnside/47th: Creating a Community Safety Center, with Water Bureau and Neighborhood Involvement staff as well as police, was my idea, initiated and implemented in under a year.

I continue to work to support New Portlanders, including the Lao communities.

A proposal to allow all employees in Portland to earn and use limited days of sick time is under discussion.

Jobs is still a top priority for City Council and for me. See this commentary.

After four years of assessing how the City budget process works, and doesn't, I'm proposing a City Budget Office to provide objective, accountable information to all members of Council and everyone in the community. Details, update, and comments on my City blog.

I'm moving forward with a 3-1-1 system. This would provide one-call service for all non-emergency needs and questions. Completing it is a goal of my second term.

Although the Oregon Sustainability Center would be nice, we can't afford to invest public money in it right now. It seems likely private interests may move ahead without a public subsidy.

Looking at all this work getting done and accomplishing results, you can see why Willamette Week reversed their endorsement since the primary. Their recommendation is also based on my position on the Frashour appeal, and my unique experience and understanding as a retired psychiatric nurse, needed to carry out the Department of Justice ruling on remedies for unconstitutional use of force by the police against people experiencing mental illnesses.


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